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Hello 🤝  I'm Janani

— a Digital Product Designer & Creative Coordinator at Sparkjoy Studios in Vancouver, Canada. 

I enjoy working in diverse environments that foster positive, real-world change, and inspire curiosity and creativity in designing solutions.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or by email.

© 2023 Janani Ramesh

IISD Experimental Lakes Area Website Redesign

TRIUMF PIF & NIF Infographic Posters

TEDxConnect - A digital event platform

Anxiety Canada  Website Redesign

It's nice to e-meet you! 😊

I'm an interdisciplinary designer who works in web design, user experience, graphic design and illustration.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve designed experiences across multiple domains such as education, healthcare, arts, science and technology, and more! I currently work at Sparkjoy Studios - a web design and development agency that builds custom code and using WordPress as a CMS.

Still curious? Scroll down to learn a little more about me.

🌎 Global Citizen

My life has been a journey across different countries and cultures. I was born in India, and then I moved to the Netherlands, China, and finally Canada, where I have been living for the last seven years. English is my first language, but I also picked up some other languages on the way. I can have a causal conversation with you in Hindi, Tamil, Dutch, Spanish and Mandarin.

🏫 Education

I have a bachelor's degree in Interaction Design from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with two scholarships for Excellence in Design and an Honorable Mention for my graduation project, TEDxConnect.

🏆 Awards

I'm thrilled to share that I received an In-House Design Award from the RGD, Canada's largest professional association for a collaborative infographic project with TRIUMF. This is a huge honor and recognition for our work, which showcases the amazing science and innovation happening at TRIUMF.

✒️ Tools

I'm passionate about design and I love to explore different tools to create amazing products. Some of my favorites are the Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, and WordPress as a CMS. When it comes to project management, I rely on Jira, Todoist, Notion and Slack to keep everything organized.

🌟‍ Features

I'm so excited to share some of the amazing things I've learned and experienced in my creative journey. You can watch my TEDx talk on YouTube, What we overlook about change, or read my Dulwich College alumni interview feature, Passion for the Arts Can Take You A Long Way!

📄 Resume

My expertise includes UX, UI, graphic design and illustration. You can find more information about my academic background, professional achievements and skills in my resume.

🌱 Hobbies

I love exploring new restaurants and cafes, hiking, expressing myself through dance and pottery, playing board games & DnD with friends, designing my dream home in Sims, immersing myself in books, and nurturing my house plants.

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