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🏫 Education

I have a bachelor's degree in Interaction Design from Emily Carr University with two scholarships for Excellence in Design and an Honorable Mention for TEDxConnect.

🏆 Awards

I won an In-House Design Award from the RGD, Canada's largest professional association for graphic design professionals, for a collaborative infographic project with TRIUMF.

✒️ Tools

I use a variety of tools for design such as the Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, AI, WordPress and more. For project management, I like to use Jira, Todoist and Slack.

🌟‍ Features

Check out my TEDx talk on YouTube, What we overlook about change, or my Dulwich College alumni interview feature, Passion for the Arts Can Take You A Long Way!

🌱 Hobbies

Outside work, I enjoy traveling, hiking, dancing, pottery, board games, illustrating, binge-watching tv shows and movies, and taking care of my plants.

📄 Resume

I have experience in user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and graphic design. For more details on my education, work experience and skills, feel free to check out my resume.

​I'm Janani (pronounced as juh-nuh-nee) and I currently work as a Digital Product Designer & Creative Coordinator at Sparkjoy Studios in Vancouver, BC. I enjoy creating accessible, user friendly and research based designs that help bring people together.

My experience of living in four different countries has enriched my perspective and made me more adaptable to diverse cultures and viewpoints. I always strive to understand the needs and preferences of my clients and am passionate about creating intuitive user experiences that align with their business objectives. I am also very meticulous, punctual, enthusiastic and committed to delivering high-quality work. These qualities have helped me build trust and loyalty with my clients.​

Read a little more about me below or feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing from you!

Hello! It's nice to e-meet you🤝

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