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Hello 🤝 I'm Janani

— a Digital Product Designer & Creative Coordinator at Sparkjoy Studios in Vancouver, BC. 

With five years of experience in digital product design and a bachelor’s degree in Interaction Design, I’ve honed my skills in creating engaging and intuitive digital experiences. I enjoy working in diverse environments that foster positive, real-world change, and inspire curiosity and creativity in designing solutions.

I would love to help you with:

Graphic design

I specialize in creating distinct visual identities, illustrations, logos, and brand guidelines.

Web app design

Designed and shipped 8 client portals, tailored to meet clients' unique needs.

Website design

I blend UI and UX design principles to craft compelling and aesthetic websites.

Recent UI, UX and Illustration work

Led the design of a virtual collaboration tool for mental health professionals to engage in collaborative resource creation.

An eight month project where I led UX research and designed a mobile app for year-round engagement at large events like TEDx.

A Sparkjoy Studios project where I led UX, branding, and mockups for IISD Experimental Lakes Area, the world's largest freshwater research station.

Led the development of brand guidelines, user journeys, wireframes and web designs for Trade4MSMEs at Sparkjoy Studios.

Illustrated an award-winning infographic on radiation for TRIUMF, using clear and concise illustrations of technical data.

Designing a Project Management Client Portal 


See more of my work

At Sparkjoy Studios, I have been on a creative journey marked by the creation of Pantegral, a custom client portal platform. Pantegral is a virtual collaboration tool that enhances a wide range of interactions between experts and clients, including chats, shared notes, document storage, and more.


I encourage you to visit the Pantegral website to explore my portfolio of web app designs, and view the Sparkjoy Studios website for more of my web design work. Thank you!

Thank you so much for visiting.


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About me

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