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Hello 🤝  I'm Janani

— a Digital Product Designer & Creative Coordinator at Sparkjoy Studios in Vancouver, Canada. 

I enjoy working in diverse environments that foster positive, real-world change, and inspire curiosity and creativity in designing solutions.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or by email.

© 2023 Janani Ramesh

IISD-ELA Website

As part of Sparkjoy Studios, I designed the user experience, branding, and web designs for the IISD Experimental Lakes Area.

Trade4MSMEs Website

I helped Trade4MSMEs with user experience, branding, illustrations, and web designs as part of my work at Sparkjoy Studios.

TEDxConnect - An event platform

I built a digital platform for large events, such as TEDx, to foster year round diversity and engagement among participants.

TRIUMF PIF & NIF Infographic

I designed an award-winning infographic on radiation for TRIUMF, using clear and concise illustrations of technical data.

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